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Did you know that the feedback forms you fill out at the end of a training session are colloquially known as “happy sheets”? This is because people generally feel pretty pumped straight after training. They usually have made a few new connections in their brain about how they could do things a bit differently and the endorphins have kicked in.

However, we all know what happens next. You go back to the office with good intentions to implement at least something of what you just learnt and things go off track. Deadlines, pressure and a lack of clarity around  how to apply the learning all get in the way and it just doesn’t happen.

At Performance Toolkit our trainers pride themselves on delivering training that is as practical as possible. We give you actual take-away tools so you can implement the learning when you get back to the office. We make it as specific as possible to you and your organisation so you are clear about how it will work for you.

We believe in focusing your time in doing what interests you so all our trainers are hand-picked to deliver training in areas that they feel passionate about and have expertise in. This makes the training more dynamic and valuable to you. It’s a win-win situation.

You will notice that a lot of our programs have a coaching element, which is an added bonus. Research has shown that coaching after training gives someone 80% more chance of implementing what they learnt in the training, delivering great results for them and the organisation.

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